Tuesday, 25 October 2011


It's kind of weird, since I don't really like this tune. It's messy(as he have said himself) and not properly put together yet I have listened to it every night since it came out. It got that sense of energy that his every tune has. And those vocal samples, god damn!

Burial is a interesting man, is he not? I mean, I can only find one picture of him. One. He never plays gigs or shows up any where. Yet he is a legend. Some times I dream of actually meeting the man behind all this simple yet wonderful music, and ask him some questions. What does actually happen in his mind? Does he actually know that so many people really appreciate his music?

When I showed Burial to my dad he said that this is the kind of music that you "just sit in a dark room at night with your headphones and just listen"-music. Just like he did with Pink Floyd, I do with Burial. Brilliant fucking artist.

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