Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dungeon sound

Perverse - Tepidus (free download) by Perverse

Heavy. Bit different from the other dungeon sound, which sadly is getting a bit boring and repetitive now. I mean, I still feel this one(big as fuck). But overall, I don't like the "dungeon sound" too much. My main reason is, that it's too non-personal, any one can do it. It sounds like I'm describing the brostep scene. Maybe my knowledge of the dungeon sound-makers are so little that I recognise their sound, but if I put on a Skream or what ever track I can right away hear it.

My emotions are a bit mixed towards the dubstep scene at the moment. There are no tracks "designed" for listening on the go or listening 1pm alone. All tracks are made for a huge flow and you gotta be zoned out to listen to it. You got to have a big system to fully enjoy it. What I'm trying to say is that there is no "lighter" dubstep made anymore. Okay, there is always Burial but I mean, does dubstep have to be so sad all the time?

Some might think now that "well why are you listening to dubstep then, you asshat", well, I like it. No talk about it. It incorporates some of my favorite stuff from all genres. It's heavy, bass-y, emotional and with out vocals. I used to be a huge anti-"non vocal" when I was listening to metal but now I simply don't care. Except when it's about Burials vocal samples, then I'm a little fanboy.

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  1. you need to roll on some quality mdma to some quality dubstep... it'll change your whole idea of what music can be...