Saturday, 11 June 2011

11th June 2011, EP REVIEW

[PL014] _ VESICLE - We Are Lost EP - Vinyl coming June 13th 2011! by ParadiseLostRecordings

New EP coming out from the Finnish duo. Release date: 13th June. The EP(and their other stuff) is wonderfully dark, isn't it? I've heard the "We are lost" track before, but the 3 others were completely new tunes for me. I think, so far, that "Mythos" is my favorite track. Not to keen on the "Redemption" tune, but hey, everyone has different taste. I do also like how they incorporate some newer stuff while still staying true to their "roots", which so many people seem to fail with. If you go on and on doing the same thing, it will get boring. I don't like to see wobbles and "filthier than your grandmas toilet", I really don't, but it's good when you can try out some other/new stuff. Plus, wobbles aren't exactly new in the dubstep(nor electronic) scene. Wait what?

Good stuff, no bad tracks in my opinion. 9/10.

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