Sunday, 27 February 2011

27th February 2011

New Skream that's being mastered this week, but I haven't found any release dates. He got some real bangers on this one. The tracklist is in the same order as the videos is now. Some short words about the tunes in my opinion(But I still have to hear the full tunes so):

Seasick, it's okay, but I don't like it that much.

Heavy hitter, oh my. Massive. Instant headnodder. I would love to see the crowds reaction to this one. See, it can be big and "filthy" without being robotic and without bass. Feeling this a lot.

Riggin(there's a spelling error in the video), I have heard this one before and I've had it on the blog too. Instat headnodder once again. Feeling this one too.

Hats off, a drum and bass influenced tune. Skream have started to make a lot of those, but the problem is that they all sound very alike. It's okay, pretty summer-y if you ask me(which is always a plus for me).

Overall, can't wait to hear the full tunes. It's still Skream: simple and effective, and that's what's good about him.

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