Thursday, 11 November 2010

11th November, interview with Prime

Hey Harry, long time no see. What have you been up to since our last interview?
- I've been studying at uni. ...not. I really should do some work but I keep making tunes and going out. Student life win. Oh and trying to get a job, but Colchester is not good for that apparently.

Okay. So, you got a EP coming out soon. Tell me more about that, I've heard it has a weird story to it.
- Yeah, finally! It's coming out on December 17th, it's got four tracks on it, including the unheard VIP of SPW. The story is odd actually; some guy - Cooper - stole my tunes and gave them to Stupid Fly as his work and they released them for him. Luckily, someone e-mailed me pointing this out, so I got right on it, talked to the label, and they dropped him and signed me.

What kinda dubstep are we gonna get on your upcoming EP? At least in my book, your up in the top list of filthy, simple and primitive dubstep!
On the EP is Unity - a big reverby epic track, SPW VIP a proper sludgy stompy tune, bit heavy, then there's Guerillas, which is a Skream-type tune, rolly, marchy, and finally Freefall which is a nice relaxing round track, still sounds mechanical though.

I even went nostalgic for a moment, and scrolled down on your channel on youtube and heard "The Muffin Man". I can honestly say that track is still delicious. Thanks for your time!
- No worries, take it easy. : )

His Youtube channel.

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