Sunday, 3 October 2010

3rd October, Short Circuit EP

Short Circuit EP [B-DEM RECORDS] by whyrez 

It's a long time since I've had a EP review. I met Whyrez at DSF, and checked out his music. "The Short Circuit EP is supposed to represent a journey from sanity through to insanity." Hmm, sounds good.

But now, lets chop it down into small pieces. 

1. Short Circuit Malfunction. 

I find this track actually a bit jazzy. Except for the hard drums which balances it out nicely. He have found the beautiful balance between the two "elements". Very smooth tune. 8½/10

2. Disorientation.

I went all "WHAT THE." when I heard the beginning of this track. I can definitely see the insanity coming in because of this tune. A hard track but with that synth in the background it softens it up a little bit, which in my opinion is a great move! 7½/10 

3. Bring me to madness.

I actually thought that it was the same track when this one started, because of the intro but as it moves on it's not. The drum and bass gave this tune a nice touch.  Also, that voice is godly. This is simply a wicked tune. 9/10 

4. Game over (VIP remix).

Digging this tune a lot. The synth is very very good. This tune is great but I don't it fits in on the EP. 8/10, could easily a 9 if I would just review this specific tune and not the whole EP.

Big up Whyrez! It was easily worth the price I payed for this EP. It's definitely be on my iPod for a long time!

Available at iTunes, HMV Digital, Juno and Discogs.

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