Saturday, 7 August 2010

Special Saturday

Ehhh, I should have planned the Special Saturday a bit better then this. The reason is because I totally forgot what day it was and when I woke up today I checked the calendar. Saturday.

But I thought, why not give the oriental stuff one day more. Talked with Cypriot Vibez last night, and got two tracks from him. Sea Petals and Tropical Exotica.

Cypriot Vibez - Sea Petals by AggesMusic

First up is Sea Petals. I should have had this song yesterday, but some how I didn't. Great track, really beautiful. Nice mix of drums, orchestra and that stringed instrument that I can't rememeber what it's called! Loving the piano too!

Cypriot Vibez - Tropical Exotica by AggesMusic

Tropical Exotica. Hmm. I didn't know what to expect. This tune is really reggae-y and summer-y! The reason why he made this track were because he drank some juice. Now that's brilliant.

The thing I like about Cypriot Vibez is his ability to make different songs really. From Sea Petals to Tropical Exotica to Smooth Sailing. He's a beatboxer, dubstep artist and producer. Plus he can do lots of genres.

Great dude, looking forward to more tracks!


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