Sunday, 8 August 2010

8th August

Hey, I'll take the specialness today instead of yesterday.

Hmm, music videos? I haven't really cared for music videos in any genre! And to be honest, not many artists have a meaning in their video! When I find a music video I actually like, I like it a lot. For example these two:

What to say about this track? I don't actually know if these things have happened to either Plan B or Chase & Status! But great acting from both Plan B and Michael Caine. Also great lyrics by Plan B; "When my heart stops beating and my lungs stop breathing in air... I hope somebody cares." Great track!

Hmm, Benga. Very, very interesting video. The general idea of the video is the music world today. People get famous and get into big record labels, because one doesn't turn down that kinda stuff. Some times it happens that the artists can't do their thing, and they're being pushed for money! This is how I see it! Also, great animations by Kristoffer Ström!

This is the reason I want to travel to UK. That's all I have to say about this video.

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