Friday, 6 August 2010

6th August

Hey, I have nothing for today...

Just kidding.

Caspa - Cockney Violin by AggesMusic

Pretty weird combination if you ask me but it works like a dream. When I heard Caspas track for the first time I thought, I have to get this on the blog. Those violins in the beginning and when the bass kicks in, wow. Caspa is one of my favorite dubstep artists because of his rawness so to say. Not as in hardcore, but as in simple and effective. Cockney Violins is a proof of that.

Plastician - Japan by AggesMusic

"I know that the track "Japan" samples Chinese music. It was simply titled Japan as I wrote the drumloop for the track whilst in my hotel in Tokyo when I played there, and that is what the file was saved as on my computer." The song Japan is a track that makes you think. The song is just basically a acoustic guitar intro and the erhus (Erhu is a Chinese violin), with a smooth and easy drum sample. Clean, beautiful, heart touching.

Oriental + dubstep? I would say it works, and if you don't trust me ask Caspa or Plastician.


  1. Yo Dude.
    Isn't the erhu tune in the song 'japan' from the film 'House Of Flying Daggers' ?
    Sick Beats Thouh!

  2. Yeah, just noticed that too! The tempo is turned up a bit thou!

    It is sick!