Wednesday, 4 August 2010

5th August, Interview with Prime!

Tell me something about you! Age, name etc.
- Right, well, my name's Harry, I'm 19, I wish I was taller. I'm about five ten when all of my closest friends are way over six. I live in Dartford, a town near London.

- Is dubstep a big thing in your city?
- Dubstep hasn't quite reached main main main stream yet, but most people are aware of it and there are night dedicated to it, so I'm gonna say yes.

- When did you start listening to dubstep, and how?
- I'd heard a few tracks here and there since 2004, but wasn't aware enough of the genre difference to know it was actually dubstep, but I remember liking it, not as much as now though. It was when I heard Rusko's essential mix, however, that I stood back and thought, woah, this is electronic, but so so heavy. I immediately wanted to make sounds like that. I heard this mix on my grandmother's computer of all places.

- Why did you start making your own music?
- I started because I heard so much s**t on the radio and I thought I could do so much better than this. So I started out on a really basic setup - some Cakewalk software and a MIDI keyboard - and I went for it, writing down things, etc. I've had a little classical training, which helps unbelieveably.

- Main influences?
- Where do I begin, haha? A lot of my influence comes outside dubstep so I can bring it to dubstep, if that makes sense. Like I've always been into metal of the heavier varieties, I like piano-based classical/baroque music (not opera, though), I like old-gritty style electronic like Jean-Michel Jarre. I love Radiohead and Coldplay, two of my favourite bands. Inside dubstep though, I have a wide range of influence, from Bar 9's crunch so Breakage's smoothness.

- Do you see dubstep as your future?
- I see music as my future, I think genres are always going to change and shape around society, and at the minute, a lot of us are feeling this 140bpm half-time sub-driven electronic sound. This could slowly shift, and we'l follow it. I do like writing dubstep though, and if it does manage to hang on, then definately.

- How important is music in your daily life?
- There isn't a day that goes by in which I don't listen to music. I have 10,000 songs on iTunes, and you'd laugh if you saw the range in there, I literally have something from every genre, but that's because I value songs and the music in itself rather than the Artist or the Album. So, I HATE Lady Gaga with a passion, I mean that thing with dead bodies? Seriously? But her music is catchy and technically good in that it's not boring. In the same way, I heard Paolo Nutini is a nice guy, but I don't like his music.

Thanks Prime!

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