Thursday, 19 August 2010

19th August, interview with Sir Mic!

Hey, I appreciate you're doing this thou you're practising at the moment! So, introduce yourself!

No worries.I go by the name of Sir Mic,im a multi genre emcee/songwriter,based in the south coast of the uk.

Cool, how did you get into rap?

I was always a creative child,so when i got into hip hop and the culture,it was a given that i was going to give rapping a go.As it happened i had a talent for it,so here we are years later!

When did you start making it on your own?

i was involved in a hip hop crew called The Warlords,which was formed in 2004,we split up due to differences in 07',which is when i released i first mixtape,'Red Stripes,Fights and Freestyles'.I guess its only really since i joined my current label Fresh Beat Recordings at the start of this year that things have really progressed,regular radio interviews and plays and big networking etc,to the point that im now being asked to do guest vocals on dance tracks for major labels.Its been a very steady progression

Aight, I posted two very different songs on the blog. One a bit more anthem-y/party and the other a bit more old-school, a bit more negative if you want. How would you define your style? Party or old-school?

i know its become a cliche within musicians and particuarly rappers,but i dont sound like anyone else,nor do i have a 'certain style'.I can vocal anything from hip hop/grime to dubstep to more commercial dance,ive always tried to intigrate versitility and originality in what i do,i hope that shows across to everybody that listens to my music!

Tell more about your Mini-Me mixtapes!

the first Mini Me Mixtapes came out last October,and the most recent one,the 2nd volume,came out in july this year.Its all a promo prelude to gain a steady fanbase until i drop my mini album at the end of this year

Where on earth did you get the idea to call them Mini-Me mixtape?

everyone else in the scene seemed to be doing mixtapes with around 20 tracks on them,and i found that peoples concentration skipped if they had to listen to a cd for that long.So my idea was to present the mixtapes as only 10 tracks,cut out the filler and make the cd more short and sweet.Its half the size of a normal mixtape,hence the name 'Mini Me'!

Do you see yourself working with music as a job in the future?

most definatly,as i said im working with major labels on projects that im due publishing rights to,and will also be stepping up the live pa shows towards the end of the year.Musics been my life for these couple of years,i wouldnt spend this much time and effort on it if i didnt beleive that i could make a career out of it.

That should be it, any final words?

Ok,thanks Agge. Just to let people know of upcoming projects,you can find the 'Mini Me Mixtape Volume 2' available now,become a fan on the facebook link for more details.Also due to release the 3rd and final series in October,followed by my dance inspired mini album 'Eons of Neons' in November,feat guest features from the likes of D Dark,Cynikal,Jeneye and Justice.You can also find me on Stealfs production album 'I Am Stealf',alongside a massive line up including The Game,Jadakiss,Kid Rad and Broken English.Please become a fan on facebook for more info and if you liked the music,hope to speak to you guys soon!

Link to his youtube.
Link to his facebook group.

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