Wednesday, 18 August 2010

18 August

Sir Mic!

Sir Mic,Cosm and Dias - Its My Time by AggesMusic 

I like the intro, especially that choir. It's a really, you know jump up and party (or gym if you want to go THAT far)! Also I must point one lyric line, "Check your watches, I believe it's our time", now that's one good line. Easy to remember, yet it doesn't repeat itself! It's a good song, I've always had a weak spot for anthem-type of songs, and this is no different!

Sir Mic ft Tricky Micky - Don't Come Around by AggesMusic 

Really good intro. "Don't come around" is a bit more chilled song, with a little negative vibe but the song is good nonetheless! I don't know what to say more about this song, other than listen to it!

The two songs are different from each other, which shows Sir Mics style! He can do that old-school type of rap (Don't Come Around) and that newer anthem type of songs (It's my time)!

His youtube!

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  1. bra stämning som sagt:) visst party eller sätta hikingskorna på o ta ryggsäck med i tung terräng hälsningar platinepearl