Monday, 16 August 2010

16th August


Severities (Lead Synths, Emotions, Punchy Drums) [FREE 320!] by Fixxa

Really nice song, makes you nod from the first couple seconds! The "main synth riff" is really cool, and what makes it even more cool is that you can hear it nearly thru the whole song! The part at 2.00 should be shorter, but when the songs kicks in again it's great!

Japeye by Fixxa 

This is one big tune. That piano is awesome. And when the bass kicks in, wow. The cool thing about Fixxa is that he has the small twists in his music, for example at 1.30. It's his special touch! Great song. I'm gonna use this in one my mixes, for sure.

What can I say about this guy. He is going to go far. Great remixes(or refixxas as he calls them).

Expect more of him on the blog.

His Facebook group.


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