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13th August, interview with Esstar

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Hey man! I appreciate you're doing this! Lets start easy. Name, age etc!

My pleasure, my name is Esstar, I'm 19 years old, and I'm from Chingford, East London.

Aight. What kinda music do you make? Is it laid back or jump and party?

I am very versatile in the music I make, I listen to so many different genres of music, from one extreme to another, like the other day I was listening to some filthy dubstep for an hour, then I was listening to a pianist for the next six hours or so, so I never stick to one thing, it really depends what mood I'm in as well, if I'm angry or pissed off at something or someone, you will get a dirty dubstep riddem or grime track, If I'm chilled out you will get a laid back meaningful hip hop tune, If im just in a good mood you might even get some sort of club tune, so you never get the same thing twice from me really. 

You're a producer too, right?

Yes I am, again I make all sorts of stuff, but since I finished my e.p I've been spending all my time concentrating on the release of it and promoting it, so being an artist has kinda taken over, but I do plan on coming back and producing for other artists, there was a time I was making hip hop beats all day every day for a good few months, and I will go back to that one day, I tend to go through phases in what i'm doing. However me and one of my producers 'Cypriot Vibez' have been working on a project together, we have a hip hop E.P in the making, and we have produced that all together, so that will probably be the next thing you will hear productionwise from me. Oh yeah!! I'm also a studio engineer, just so ya know lol

So, your first E.P came out a couple of days ago!

Yes it did, 'The Chronicles of Esstar', this is my debut E.P, its a 6 track E.P which covers a range of genres, there will be something you like on it, I can guarantee that. I have the main single from it 'She wants to know' which is a dubstep track about an ex girlfriend who won't leave me the f**k alone lol, then I have another dubstep track called 'Down to reality', which is what you would probably call a 'jump and party' track, but not in a club sence, its more me just going mad on a filthy riddem lol, thats followed by a more conscious track about gang violence in the U.K today, trying to get kids to realise theres more to life than your reputation on the street, i'll let you guys find out for yourselves about the other 3 tracks ;) Overall the CD is like an introduction to me as an artist, as there is a lot to come, I have so many songs, probably enough to put out about 3 more CD's, so keep it locked!!

Cool! How did you start making music?

I wrote my first lyric when I was about 12, 13, whilst listening to american hip hop like eminem, 50 cent (lol), then when I was about 14 I got into the UK grime scene listening to artists like Kano, Dizzee, Wiley etc. I started MC'ing with some local heads from my school, formed a little crew, at first I was SH*TTT, but as the years went on and we kept making tracks (which were also sh*t) we gradually got better, we even had a little buzz at one stage in the area, went on radio and sprayed our bars on there, which got us all better, but eventually there were disagreements and we all done our own thing. When I left school I went to Point Blank Music College in Hackney to study music, where I learnt to produce, engineer, mix my own songs, and during this time I kinda stopped recording to learn the production side of things, but when I left college at 18 I started recording again on a regular basis, where I then created what is 'The Chronicles of Esstar' EP! Whilst working at a studio in South East London (PDB Productions) I then got my E.P signed by the independant label 'PDB Productions & Entice Records', which leads us up to now, I am also a student at Westminster University studying music production.

Tell me more about PBP Productions, and what they're about!

PDB Productions is a recording studio/business, they specialise in studio time, video shoots, cd duplications, etc etc, they do alot!! Joint with PDB Productions is the record label 'PDB Productions & Entice Records' which is the label that I'm on. I also work as there studio engineer, which is how I got involved.

Do you think that coming from London influences your music? If so, in a positive or negative way?

It definately does, even though some situations I talk about are negative, making music out of them definately turns it into a positive, like my song 'The Cycle' is a song about gang violence in the U.K, which is particularly bad in the less looked after areas of London, but I wrote it in a way that shows kids that you don't have to go down that route, so I think I definately brought awareness out of that concept and the song can only do good in society today.

Any final words?

Errmm yeah, make sure you join me on facebook (Esstar), subscribe to my youtube channel (esstarmusic), and buy my debut e.p!! 'The Chronicles of Esstar', a good CD guaranteed!!!!!!

Check out his E.P The Chronicles of Esstar. Available from iTunes!

Link to his Facebook group.

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