Tuesday, 10 August 2010

10th August, with Cypriot Vibez.

Hey mate! Nice that you could do the interview! Lets start with the simple questions, age, where you're from etc.

Yo , I'm 16 right now , 17 in October, finished my last year at secondary school a month ago after doing my Gcse's, and i should be starting my A levels at a state of the art sixth form in central London , where i will also be studying music technology.
I'm from East London ( Walthamstow ). The name " Cypriot Vibez " really hailed from a pre-mature ego that i had around the age of 13, Seeing as I'm Half Turkish Cypriot , Also Irish , and thought it would sound better than Irish Vibez LOL, if i could change my alias to something more personal i would but it's stuck for now.

So, what started everything? How did you pick up music?

Well , i was always very much into computing from a young age inspired by my dad , one day he came home and gave me a early Copy of " Fruity Loops " i was about 13 and at that moment in time i didn't think to look for tutorials etc , so i spent countless hour's of time trying to make decent music , also alot of people from my school in their younger years " Emceed " it was more of a phase to them , but with me making music became a passion more than a hobby , i began to start understanding the program making better "beats" , but as time went on , i practiced & Practiced and just improved , i still feel i have so much to learn.


I am influences ? put it this way , this time last week i was listening & studying 60's jazz for hours on end , and this time next week I'll probably be listening to Oriental music.
I really am so wide in my influences, you would have to spend a week with me to realize how many different genre's of music inspire me at different times relevant to my life & emotions.

You're pretty multitalented right? So, what kinda genres do you make?

I've Always wanted to embrace music from all perspectives and dimensions , being Diverse is my Niche. I Make everything.
Anything From Oriental Music To Ambient to Spacey Music.
I've only been producing Dubstep , since this time last summer ( 1 Year ), i was always listening to it since , 2000 and have respect the roots of dubstep, being more sub bass " Grime " influenced music , which is what i prefer to make too.
But if i'm being inspired by something I'll make it.
I'm also in a band which En fuse's the likes of Hiphop into Hardcore Metal , screamo , dubstep , Rave & indie Music.

When you make music, is it like " I feel like doing a dubstep song now" or is it " Hmm, that would fit in a D'n'B"?

I have load's of different methods when making a song , sometimes i could just be sitting there looking out my window and a thought and urge to make a certain type of music will come , or sometimes i'll just say okay i'm going to make dubstep today and end up making some hiphop sampling folk music LOL. I seemed to realise i hardly ever make the genre i intened , unless i hear something and get inspired or think i could make that.

Describe your music with 5 words.

Diverse Passion Implemented From Within.

If you wouldn't be making music, what would you do?

Music plays a important role in my life , i cant go 8 seconds without thinking about it , but if i didn't make music?
I'd Probably be skating everyday & exercising alot more.

You skate a lot too right? Has skating something to do with your music, like soundwise?

Skating influences my life alot , in fact i just got in from a night out skating London it's 1.23 am.
Skateboarding is a release, an excuse for me to go up to the big city of London and act like a completely immature with my friends , getting chased by security , staying out till late , seeing places no one would ever see becuase we just feel like going somewhere random. Skating does influence my music , the things we see or do when were out could fuel whole songs , skating definitely inspires me to make alot more hiphop music as that's my favorite genre to skate to.

Any final words?

Just want to say to anyone reading this and who likes my music in any form , thank you & please follow your Dreams. If you like making music ? Let your life inspire you to the fullest, Practice makes perfect.

Thanks mate.

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  1. This guy is really talented! he's gonna go far most definitely!
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