Tuesday, 31 August 2010

1th September

I found this beauty a couple of days ago.

31th August

So, I was searching for songs. Again. Found this artist I've never heard about. Mala. The song is called "Alicia". I was excited yet intrigued about this song, but I was positively surprised. Being a guitarist and all I really dig the way Mala incorporated the guitar in. Great stuff!

Sadly this song wasn't on iTunes, so I'll just had to post the youtube video to it!

Monday, 30 August 2010

30th August

Hey, I don't have anything for today and that's because I want to know more what the people wants to see! More dubstep, "party"dubstep, d'n'b, mixes, interviews or whatever!

Please, please comment below!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

29th August

Check out these two tracks from Pressa! Found him a couple of days ago, and I'm digging the tunes a lot! Really good chill music. Enjoy!

Pressa - Mt. Blvdr by Pressa

Pressa - Sonic Boom by Pressa

Saturday, 28 August 2010

28th August

Cypriot Vibez.

Before I start, I have to say that I'm gonna dedicate this post/song to my friend who moved abroad some days ago. Have a fun year and visit often <3

Now onto the song. This man continues making wonderful music, and this one is no exception. A really jazzy tune, and I gotta be honest, I don't like jazz so much but this is awesome. Great instrumental, and a killer piano again.

Some words from Cypriot: "When I made this , I imagined walking into a smokey jazz bar in new york."

I can do nothing else but agree with him.

Friday, 27 August 2010

27th August, Interview with Fixxa

Hiya Oli, a.k.a Fixxa. The normal stuff first. Age, from etc?

I am a 16 year old from Stroud, a fairly small town in Gloucestershire (UK).

Okay, I heard about you thanks to Cypriot Vibez and your EP together(check out my review here ). Give us some words about how the idea started!

I added CV on MSN and decided to collab with him, we had a fairly similar style of music. I sent him a half finished song and it worked out great, that spawned Magic Rock. We basically just made a load of collabs and decided that we should make enough for a summer EP, and over a period of about 6 months we created Rays. It seems to be doing pretty good!

Main influences?

Main influences... The weather! Different weather affects the music I make alot. Each weather has it's own vibe. For instance it's raining now, so if I made a tune, it'd be dark and deep.

Musically, I listen to alot that isn't Dubstep. I think people forget to do this - there's more music out there. I love the more ambient artists, Brian Eno, Boards of Canada, Oneohtrix Point Never, a load. That's who inspires me musically. Production wise? Benga, The Others, Noisia, Mala, Aphex Twin, Distance and so on.

Aight, in what way do they influence your music?

It's just the way they work. As in it'll make me think - why on earth did they decide to do that? Or, That's an amazing idea, why didn't I think of that?

Describe your music.

A varied contrast of emotion, filth and hype.

I don't really know, I'd say my music is not really that consistent, unlike Cypriot Vibez. Not because I like to vary things, just because they turn out that way lol!

That should be it, thanks Fixxa!

Link to his youtube

Thursday, 26 August 2010

26th August

Skream - 0800 Dub by AggesMusic

So I went to iTunes, in search of a epic song. I had no idea what to search for, so I just wrote Skream. Found a track that was called 0800 Dub. I heard the preview and I was amazed. Now that's what I call a hypnotizing tune, the siren-style voice and synths are like from another world. A bit of chaos but still some kind of peace, you know. Awesome. The other students must think I'm weird when I'm sitting and nodding to this but it's just epic. Enjoy.

Skream is one of my personal favorites, and every song he makes surprises me and leaves me stunned!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

25th August

Hey, woke up and checked my inbox. New Cypriot Vibez. Yes.

I'm digging this a lot. I really like his style, and how he incorporates other genres. Loving the piano in this one a lot. Cypriot wrote this: 

"Started this song the night before i received my GCSE grades.
Then finished it after i received them.
One's life should not be dictated by the grades they receive
but by the willpower and determination they have to aspire to their dreams.
My Adventure Begins."

I truly enjoyed it Aron. Continue making more brilliant tracks!

Now I gotta run to school. Enjoy the song!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

24th August


Skream - Dutch Flowerz by AggesMusic 

First track I heard of Skream. A classic and a masterpiece. Just close your eyes, lean back and slowly nod your head.

Rusko - Dutch Flowers (trial inna baylon mix by AggesMusic 

Next is Rusko version of the same song. A little bit faster, but oh my that voice is like hypnotizing or something.

I just can't write so much today, sorry. Also, I'n gonna start school tomorrow so I'm gonna update later on the day, but I will keep on posting!

Monday, 23 August 2010

23rd August

Dub FX

I'm sure that most of you have heard about this man but if not, check out more of his stuff! The intro to this song is a bit boring, but just wait for it. I really like his stuff. Not a lot of people can do so much with only their voice and a couple of pedals.

Now that's what I call a epic song. Really spacey, with the perfect background. Also, how often do you see some one sing with a backpack on? I'll leave it there.

Dub FX seems like a really nice guy, and he works a lot. Dub FX said himself that the only way his music spreads is: live performance, word of mouth, internet social networking and a number of easily accessible free samples.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

22nd August, MIX TIME

A new mix. I've used my wonderful naming skills again, and this time it's called lost.

I present you my newest work, ENJOY:

Tes la Rok - Santa Claus Is Lost

Rusko – Get down low

Blitz – Dubsteppa

Rusko – Oh my gosh

Swedish House Mafia – One

Swedish House Mafia – One (Remix by Caspa)

Roska, remix. - Reign

Zomby – Digital Fauna

Bassnectar – Here we go

Lost. by AggesMusic

Download here.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

21th August


Blitz -  dubsteppa by DJ BlitZ 

Really cool intro, gotta love piano intros. The wobble is pretty basic, but I like it! It's an okay song, worth checking out thou! One problem, too short.

Blitz - Silvia by DJ BlitZ 

I like this one more. Again a piano intro, but it's good. I really like the vocals in this one!

Overall, pretty basic drum and bass. Nice and simple. Kinda sad or negative tunes, but there's nothing bad with that!

Thanks Sir Mic for recommending this one!

Friday, 20 August 2010

20th August

Friday. Party time?

The Advent & Industrialyzer - Cold Fusion by AggesMusic 

Hmm. What to think about this song? Weird intro, that's for sure but the rest of the song? Ah yes, epic. Also, very good bass. The Advent & Industrialyzer are totally new artists to me, but oh they are good. They have a lot of good songs, but this was the only one that was really a party song. Enjoy!

Pendulum - Blood Sugar by AggesMusic 

Next is a both classic D'n'B song and band, Pendulum. Blood sugar is by far my favorite song by them. A fast song without no mercy. Plus, a really interesting intro.

Sir Mic,Cosm and Dias - Its My Time by AggesMusic 

I have to put this one again.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

19th August, interview with Sir Mic!

Hey, I appreciate you're doing this thou you're practising at the moment! So, introduce yourself!

No worries.I go by the name of Sir Mic,im a multi genre emcee/songwriter,based in the south coast of the uk.

Cool, how did you get into rap?

I was always a creative child,so when i got into hip hop and the culture,it was a given that i was going to give rapping a go.As it happened i had a talent for it,so here we are years later!

When did you start making it on your own?

i was involved in a hip hop crew called The Warlords,which was formed in 2004,we split up due to differences in 07',which is when i released i first mixtape,'Red Stripes,Fights and Freestyles'.I guess its only really since i joined my current label Fresh Beat Recordings at the start of this year that things have really progressed,regular radio interviews and plays and big networking etc,to the point that im now being asked to do guest vocals on dance tracks for major labels.Its been a very steady progression

Aight, I posted two very different songs on the blog. One a bit more anthem-y/party and the other a bit more old-school, a bit more negative if you want. How would you define your style? Party or old-school?

i know its become a cliche within musicians and particuarly rappers,but i dont sound like anyone else,nor do i have a 'certain style'.I can vocal anything from hip hop/grime to dubstep to more commercial dance,ive always tried to intigrate versitility and originality in what i do,i hope that shows across to everybody that listens to my music!

Tell more about your Mini-Me mixtapes!

the first Mini Me Mixtapes came out last October,and the most recent one,the 2nd volume,came out in july this year.Its all a promo prelude to gain a steady fanbase until i drop my mini album at the end of this year

Where on earth did you get the idea to call them Mini-Me mixtape?

everyone else in the scene seemed to be doing mixtapes with around 20 tracks on them,and i found that peoples concentration skipped if they had to listen to a cd for that long.So my idea was to present the mixtapes as only 10 tracks,cut out the filler and make the cd more short and sweet.Its half the size of a normal mixtape,hence the name 'Mini Me'!

Do you see yourself working with music as a job in the future?

most definatly,as i said im working with major labels on projects that im due publishing rights to,and will also be stepping up the live pa shows towards the end of the year.Musics been my life for these couple of years,i wouldnt spend this much time and effort on it if i didnt beleive that i could make a career out of it.

That should be it, any final words?

Ok,thanks Agge. Just to let people know of upcoming projects,you can find the 'Mini Me Mixtape Volume 2' available now,become a fan on the facebook link for more details.Also due to release the 3rd and final series in October,followed by my dance inspired mini album 'Eons of Neons' in November,feat guest features from the likes of D Dark,Cynikal,Jeneye and Justice.You can also find me on Stealfs production album 'I Am Stealf',alongside a massive line up including The Game,Jadakiss,Kid Rad and Broken English.Please become a fan on facebook for more info and if you liked the music,hope to speak to you guys soon!

Link to his youtube.
Link to his facebook group.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

18 August

Sir Mic!

Sir Mic,Cosm and Dias - Its My Time by AggesMusic 

I like the intro, especially that choir. It's a really, you know jump up and party (or gym if you want to go THAT far)! Also I must point one lyric line, "Check your watches, I believe it's our time", now that's one good line. Easy to remember, yet it doesn't repeat itself! It's a good song, I've always had a weak spot for anthem-type of songs, and this is no different!

Sir Mic ft Tricky Micky - Don't Come Around by AggesMusic 

Really good intro. "Don't come around" is a bit more chilled song, with a little negative vibe but the song is good nonetheless! I don't know what to say more about this song, other than listen to it!

The two songs are different from each other, which shows Sir Mics style! He can do that old-school type of rap (Don't Come Around) and that newer anthem type of songs (It's my time)!

His youtube!

Facebook group!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

17th August


Fable - Trapped in the Rain by AggesMusic 

So, when I first listened to this I thought, what is this? But once the song got moving, it was okay. I like his voice some how, and he sounds older than he is! Not my favorite song, but not directly bad either!

Fable - Not following you by AggesMusic 

Turn up the volume for this song, it's a bit low! This song is a lot better, in my opinion! Nice, laid back and he incorporated the original song really really good! Not sure if the lyrics are things that have happened to him or not, but anyway they're good!

Looking forward to hear more from him!

Monday, 16 August 2010

16th August


Severities (Lead Synths, Emotions, Punchy Drums) [FREE 320!] by Fixxa

Really nice song, makes you nod from the first couple seconds! The "main synth riff" is really cool, and what makes it even more cool is that you can hear it nearly thru the whole song! The part at 2.00 should be shorter, but when the songs kicks in again it's great!

Japeye by Fixxa 

This is one big tune. That piano is awesome. And when the bass kicks in, wow. The cool thing about Fixxa is that he has the small twists in his music, for example at 1.30. It's his special touch! Great song. I'm gonna use this in one my mixes, for sure.

What can I say about this guy. He is going to go far. Great remixes(or refixxas as he calls them).

Expect more of him on the blog.

His Facebook group.


Sunday, 15 August 2010

15th August, MIX TIME

My third mix, a bit shorter then the two other but that's the way I wanted to do it this time! It's called sharP!, and it's a "sister-mix" to smootH! Enjoy!


Wolfgang Gartner - Wolfgang's 5th Symphony

Wolfgang Gartner – Fire Power

Giant – Drumstick

Planas – Root Music

Prime – The Muffin Man

Chase & Status – Running

Caspa & Rusko – Bread got bun

Skism – Back Off

Download here

Saturday, 14 August 2010

14th August

So you might have noticed that I have a new banner, digging it? Props to Janu, I appreciate it. Check out more of her work here!

Lets start. I'm gonna do something that I've never done before, and that's a album review. It's a EP by Fixxa ft. Cypriot Vibez. And it's free! Download it here!

1. The opener for this EP is Candy, remixed into dubstep! I'm digging the intro, and the wobble. But overall it's an okay song, but it gets a bit boring in the end! The voice is also really cool, but it too gets boring! 3 out of 5.

2. Next song is called Cotching, and I'm liking the intro a lot this time but then the wobble starts. It just gets a bit boring. I do really really like the parts when Cypriot (I think it is him) sings! At about 2.20, they mix the two types in the song and that was a good move! That's how it should have been. Something terrible(in my opinion) happens at 2.50 or something. Not digging that part at all. This song should have been shorter. It's just, some really good parts and a lot of bad parts. 3 out of 5, this song has potential but it didn't really make it.

3. Next is remix by Fixxa. It's a Peugeot advert, remixed into awesomeness. The intro is bit weird, but after that. When the wobble kicks in, BRILLIANT. The voice is bit weird, but it's still good. This is a really really good track. Excellent wobble and excellent song. Okay, the voice is a bit overdone, but the outro is good too! 4½ out of 5, great tune. My favorite out of the EP.

4. After that it's a tune called Headbutting Rhinos. Hmm, I don't really know what to think about this track, but it's okay. The keys are great, but I'm a bit unsure if it actually is synth. Okay wobbles again. The only bad thing about this tune is that it's too long. It could have been shorter, in my opinion. 3½ out of 5.

5. Next is a preview of some sort. Track is called Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Interesting intro, a bit dark and mysterious. Wobble is a bit different then the rest of the wobbles in the EP but it's okay. Don't know what to say about this song since it's a preview, because I want to hear the real version of it!

6. Last, is Magic Rock. Good intro. That boy was funny too! And the wobbles are good! Really smooth, and it's cooperating with the rest of the song really well! This was a good song. It wasn't too long nor too short, which made the song a bit more exciting! 4 out of 5.

Overall, it's an okay EP. 3½ out of 5. It's worth a shot thou, can't go wrong with free!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

13th August, interview with Esstar

Before I start the interview, please vote in the poll that should be on the right! Any comments or questions, just post a comment!

Please vote!

Hey man! I appreciate you're doing this! Lets start easy. Name, age etc!

My pleasure, my name is Esstar, I'm 19 years old, and I'm from Chingford, East London.

Aight. What kinda music do you make? Is it laid back or jump and party?

I am very versatile in the music I make, I listen to so many different genres of music, from one extreme to another, like the other day I was listening to some filthy dubstep for an hour, then I was listening to a pianist for the next six hours or so, so I never stick to one thing, it really depends what mood I'm in as well, if I'm angry or pissed off at something or someone, you will get a dirty dubstep riddem or grime track, If I'm chilled out you will get a laid back meaningful hip hop tune, If im just in a good mood you might even get some sort of club tune, so you never get the same thing twice from me really. 

You're a producer too, right?

Yes I am, again I make all sorts of stuff, but since I finished my e.p I've been spending all my time concentrating on the release of it and promoting it, so being an artist has kinda taken over, but I do plan on coming back and producing for other artists, there was a time I was making hip hop beats all day every day for a good few months, and I will go back to that one day, I tend to go through phases in what i'm doing. However me and one of my producers 'Cypriot Vibez' have been working on a project together, we have a hip hop E.P in the making, and we have produced that all together, so that will probably be the next thing you will hear productionwise from me. Oh yeah!! I'm also a studio engineer, just so ya know lol

So, your first E.P came out a couple of days ago!

Yes it did, 'The Chronicles of Esstar', this is my debut E.P, its a 6 track E.P which covers a range of genres, there will be something you like on it, I can guarantee that. I have the main single from it 'She wants to know' which is a dubstep track about an ex girlfriend who won't leave me the f**k alone lol, then I have another dubstep track called 'Down to reality', which is what you would probably call a 'jump and party' track, but not in a club sence, its more me just going mad on a filthy riddem lol, thats followed by a more conscious track about gang violence in the U.K today, trying to get kids to realise theres more to life than your reputation on the street, i'll let you guys find out for yourselves about the other 3 tracks ;) Overall the CD is like an introduction to me as an artist, as there is a lot to come, I have so many songs, probably enough to put out about 3 more CD's, so keep it locked!!

Cool! How did you start making music?

I wrote my first lyric when I was about 12, 13, whilst listening to american hip hop like eminem, 50 cent (lol), then when I was about 14 I got into the UK grime scene listening to artists like Kano, Dizzee, Wiley etc. I started MC'ing with some local heads from my school, formed a little crew, at first I was SH*TTT, but as the years went on and we kept making tracks (which were also sh*t) we gradually got better, we even had a little buzz at one stage in the area, went on radio and sprayed our bars on there, which got us all better, but eventually there were disagreements and we all done our own thing. When I left school I went to Point Blank Music College in Hackney to study music, where I learnt to produce, engineer, mix my own songs, and during this time I kinda stopped recording to learn the production side of things, but when I left college at 18 I started recording again on a regular basis, where I then created what is 'The Chronicles of Esstar' EP! Whilst working at a studio in South East London (PDB Productions) I then got my E.P signed by the independant label 'PDB Productions & Entice Records', which leads us up to now, I am also a student at Westminster University studying music production.

Tell me more about PBP Productions, and what they're about!

PDB Productions is a recording studio/business, they specialise in studio time, video shoots, cd duplications, etc etc, they do alot!! Joint with PDB Productions is the record label 'PDB Productions & Entice Records' which is the label that I'm on. I also work as there studio engineer, which is how I got involved.

Do you think that coming from London influences your music? If so, in a positive or negative way?

It definately does, even though some situations I talk about are negative, making music out of them definately turns it into a positive, like my song 'The Cycle' is a song about gang violence in the U.K, which is particularly bad in the less looked after areas of London, but I wrote it in a way that shows kids that you don't have to go down that route, so I think I definately brought awareness out of that concept and the song can only do good in society today.

Any final words?

Errmm yeah, make sure you join me on facebook (Esstar), subscribe to my youtube channel (esstarmusic), and buy my debut e.p!! 'The Chronicles of Esstar', a good CD guaranteed!!!!!!

Check out his E.P The Chronicles of Esstar. Available from iTunes!

Link to his Facebook group.

12th August

A couple of days ago I was searching some new artists, this other dude came up. He's called Esstar. So I heard these two songs and asked Cypriot Vibez if he knew him, and he said "Yeah dude, I'm gonna meet him later today"!

Esstar - She wants to Know by AggesMusic 

Let me start with saying that rap ain't my thing at all, but this stuff is great! What the song is a about, is gonna be revealed in a interview with him coming out in a couple of day! He also made a video for the song, check it out here!

Esstar - Pass out (Remix) by AggesMusic 

This was the first song that I heard from him. Really good! Gets you pumped up for a party. Don't know what to write more, just listen to it! Great stuff!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

11th August, MIX TIME

Yes, it's time for the second mix! I wanted to do a more chill type of mix this time. Mostly dubstep but also some other sweet tunes! I present you:



L-Wiz – Girl from Codeine City

Distance – Headstrung

L-Wiz- Strength

Skream – Oskilitah

Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin

Mt Eden Dubstep – Still Alive

Benga – Go tell them

Caspa – Cockney Violins

Caspa – Scared of the Unknown

Cypriot Vibez – Sea Petals

Netsky - Mellow

L-Wiz - Surreal

Listen here!

Download here!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

10th August, with Cypriot Vibez.

Hey mate! Nice that you could do the interview! Lets start with the simple questions, age, where you're from etc.

Yo , I'm 16 right now , 17 in October, finished my last year at secondary school a month ago after doing my Gcse's, and i should be starting my A levels at a state of the art sixth form in central London , where i will also be studying music technology.
I'm from East London ( Walthamstow ). The name " Cypriot Vibez " really hailed from a pre-mature ego that i had around the age of 13, Seeing as I'm Half Turkish Cypriot , Also Irish , and thought it would sound better than Irish Vibez LOL, if i could change my alias to something more personal i would but it's stuck for now.

So, what started everything? How did you pick up music?

Well , i was always very much into computing from a young age inspired by my dad , one day he came home and gave me a early Copy of " Fruity Loops " i was about 13 and at that moment in time i didn't think to look for tutorials etc , so i spent countless hour's of time trying to make decent music , also alot of people from my school in their younger years " Emceed " it was more of a phase to them , but with me making music became a passion more than a hobby , i began to start understanding the program making better "beats" , but as time went on , i practiced & Practiced and just improved , i still feel i have so much to learn.


I am influences ? put it this way , this time last week i was listening & studying 60's jazz for hours on end , and this time next week I'll probably be listening to Oriental music.
I really am so wide in my influences, you would have to spend a week with me to realize how many different genre's of music inspire me at different times relevant to my life & emotions.

You're pretty multitalented right? So, what kinda genres do you make?

I've Always wanted to embrace music from all perspectives and dimensions , being Diverse is my Niche. I Make everything.
Anything From Oriental Music To Ambient to Spacey Music.
I've only been producing Dubstep , since this time last summer ( 1 Year ), i was always listening to it since , 2000 and have respect the roots of dubstep, being more sub bass " Grime " influenced music , which is what i prefer to make too.
But if i'm being inspired by something I'll make it.
I'm also in a band which En fuse's the likes of Hiphop into Hardcore Metal , screamo , dubstep , Rave & indie Music.

When you make music, is it like " I feel like doing a dubstep song now" or is it " Hmm, that would fit in a D'n'B"?

I have load's of different methods when making a song , sometimes i could just be sitting there looking out my window and a thought and urge to make a certain type of music will come , or sometimes i'll just say okay i'm going to make dubstep today and end up making some hiphop sampling folk music LOL. I seemed to realise i hardly ever make the genre i intened , unless i hear something and get inspired or think i could make that.

Describe your music with 5 words.

Diverse Passion Implemented From Within.

If you wouldn't be making music, what would you do?

Music plays a important role in my life , i cant go 8 seconds without thinking about it , but if i didn't make music?
I'd Probably be skating everyday & exercising alot more.

You skate a lot too right? Has skating something to do with your music, like soundwise?

Skating influences my life alot , in fact i just got in from a night out skating London it's 1.23 am.
Skateboarding is a release, an excuse for me to go up to the big city of London and act like a completely immature with my friends , getting chased by security , staying out till late , seeing places no one would ever see becuase we just feel like going somewhere random. Skating does influence my music , the things we see or do when were out could fuel whole songs , skating definitely inspires me to make alot more hiphop music as that's my favorite genre to skate to.

Any final words?

Just want to say to anyone reading this and who likes my music in any form , thank you & please follow your Dreams. If you like making music ? Let your life inspire you to the fullest, Practice makes perfect.

Thanks mate.

Link to his channel.

Link to his Facebook fanpage

Monday, 9 August 2010

9th August

Monday. Lets start, shall we?

Basement Jaxx - Feelings Gone (Rusko Remix) by AggesMusic

A remix by Rusko? Yes please. The intro is a bit weird, I know, but wait till the tune actually starts. First time I heard it, I was sure that my neighbours heard it too. Great synth, great everything! Turn it up loud and let the good times roll.

Benga - 26 Basslines by AggesMusic

Lets continue on the "happy" theme, or at least up-tune. This song by Benga makes your head move and a big smile shine on your face. Benga knows his stuff, and when he does it he does it good! Actually, this was the first tune I heard from Benga!

Also! I'm currently working on a mix! The theme is "slower" tunes. I'm excited to see what you guys think!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

8th August

Hey, I'll take the specialness today instead of yesterday.

Hmm, music videos? I haven't really cared for music videos in any genre! And to be honest, not many artists have a meaning in their video! When I find a music video I actually like, I like it a lot. For example these two:

What to say about this track? I don't actually know if these things have happened to either Plan B or Chase & Status! But great acting from both Plan B and Michael Caine. Also great lyrics by Plan B; "When my heart stops beating and my lungs stop breathing in air... I hope somebody cares." Great track!

Hmm, Benga. Very, very interesting video. The general idea of the video is the music world today. People get famous and get into big record labels, because one doesn't turn down that kinda stuff. Some times it happens that the artists can't do their thing, and they're being pushed for money! This is how I see it! Also, great animations by Kristoffer Ström!

This is the reason I want to travel to UK. That's all I have to say about this video.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Special Saturday

Ehhh, I should have planned the Special Saturday a bit better then this. The reason is because I totally forgot what day it was and when I woke up today I checked the calendar. Saturday.

But I thought, why not give the oriental stuff one day more. Talked with Cypriot Vibez last night, and got two tracks from him. Sea Petals and Tropical Exotica.

Cypriot Vibez - Sea Petals by AggesMusic

First up is Sea Petals. I should have had this song yesterday, but some how I didn't. Great track, really beautiful. Nice mix of drums, orchestra and that stringed instrument that I can't rememeber what it's called! Loving the piano too!

Cypriot Vibez - Tropical Exotica by AggesMusic

Tropical Exotica. Hmm. I didn't know what to expect. This tune is really reggae-y and summer-y! The reason why he made this track were because he drank some juice. Now that's brilliant.

The thing I like about Cypriot Vibez is his ability to make different songs really. From Sea Petals to Tropical Exotica to Smooth Sailing. He's a beatboxer, dubstep artist and producer. Plus he can do lots of genres.

Great dude, looking forward to more tracks!


Friday, 6 August 2010

6th August

Hey, I have nothing for today...

Just kidding.

Caspa - Cockney Violin by AggesMusic

Pretty weird combination if you ask me but it works like a dream. When I heard Caspas track for the first time I thought, I have to get this on the blog. Those violins in the beginning and when the bass kicks in, wow. Caspa is one of my favorite dubstep artists because of his rawness so to say. Not as in hardcore, but as in simple and effective. Cockney Violins is a proof of that.

Plastician - Japan by AggesMusic

"I know that the track "Japan" samples Chinese music. It was simply titled Japan as I wrote the drumloop for the track whilst in my hotel in Tokyo when I played there, and that is what the file was saved as on my computer." The song Japan is a track that makes you think. The song is just basically a acoustic guitar intro and the erhus (Erhu is a Chinese violin), with a smooth and easy drum sample. Clean, beautiful, heart touching.

Oriental + dubstep? I would say it works, and if you don't trust me ask Caspa or Plastician.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

5th August, Interview with Prime!

Tell me something about you! Age, name etc.
- Right, well, my name's Harry, I'm 19, I wish I was taller. I'm about five ten when all of my closest friends are way over six. I live in Dartford, a town near London.

- Is dubstep a big thing in your city?
- Dubstep hasn't quite reached main main main stream yet, but most people are aware of it and there are night dedicated to it, so I'm gonna say yes.

- When did you start listening to dubstep, and how?
- I'd heard a few tracks here and there since 2004, but wasn't aware enough of the genre difference to know it was actually dubstep, but I remember liking it, not as much as now though. It was when I heard Rusko's essential mix, however, that I stood back and thought, woah, this is electronic, but so so heavy. I immediately wanted to make sounds like that. I heard this mix on my grandmother's computer of all places.

- Why did you start making your own music?
- I started because I heard so much s**t on the radio and I thought I could do so much better than this. So I started out on a really basic setup - some Cakewalk software and a MIDI keyboard - and I went for it, writing down things, etc. I've had a little classical training, which helps unbelieveably.

- Main influences?
- Where do I begin, haha? A lot of my influence comes outside dubstep so I can bring it to dubstep, if that makes sense. Like I've always been into metal of the heavier varieties, I like piano-based classical/baroque music (not opera, though), I like old-gritty style electronic like Jean-Michel Jarre. I love Radiohead and Coldplay, two of my favourite bands. Inside dubstep though, I have a wide range of influence, from Bar 9's crunch so Breakage's smoothness.

- Do you see dubstep as your future?
- I see music as my future, I think genres are always going to change and shape around society, and at the minute, a lot of us are feeling this 140bpm half-time sub-driven electronic sound. This could slowly shift, and we'l follow it. I do like writing dubstep though, and if it does manage to hang on, then definately.

- How important is music in your daily life?
- There isn't a day that goes by in which I don't listen to music. I have 10,000 songs on iTunes, and you'd laugh if you saw the range in there, I literally have something from every genre, but that's because I value songs and the music in itself rather than the Artist or the Album. So, I HATE Lady Gaga with a passion, I mean that thing with dead bodies? Seriously? But her music is catchy and technically good in that it's not boring. In the same way, I heard Paolo Nutini is a nice guy, but I don't like his music.

Thanks Prime!

Link to his channel
Download his music

4th August


Prime – Chemical Reactions
Prime – Blak Magic
Nero – Innocence
Unknown Error – Shadows
Rusko – Jahova
Benga & Coki – Night
Mt Eden – Overdose
Caspa & Rusko – Africa
DJ Fresh – Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion remix)
Rusko – Hold on ( Feat. Amber Coffman, remix by SubFocus)
Mt Eden – Sierra Leone
Distance – Mistral
Skream – Blue eyez

Agges first mix by AggesMusic

Download here!

Opinions? Feel free to comment!


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

3rd August

First is a British indie-rock-two-man-band. I didn't know which song to chose, Wonderful Life or Better than Love but I liked the video more for Wonderful Life.

Next is a bit older band, Gorillaz. I haven't been their hugest fan, but this song is really, really nice. Just sit back and relax.

Oh yeah, we need some dubstep too. Preferably by Rusko.

Monday, 2 August 2010

2nd August

I'll start with some Prime again. The song is called Blak Magic, and it's awesome.

Next is Finnish rock band. Sure, it might not be the best music around but I have to say that the video is so bad it's good. At least give them a chance!

Last, Slipknot. I have to say that I don't like them. At all. But their song Snuff is good, really good.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

1th August

First up is a song by one of my new favorite artists, Prime. Lots of very good songs. I will certainly have his music here again! Check out his channel! The song I chose is called Muffin Man, with quotes from the Shrek movies. Haha, I changed the songs 3 times but third time's a charm.

Next is a song by the almighty deadmau5. The song is called Some Kind Of Blue. It's one epic song.

Last but not least, a cover by Amoss of Coldplays song called Trouble. It's a very good remix. He really found the sweet spots for this song.

Enjoy, and see you tomorrow. As usual.