Sunday, 11 July 2010


Good morning everyone! Let's have some fun today

Alestorm, is a Scottish folk-metal band. They sing about pirates and stuff. This song made me laugh. The intro is fun, the chorus is awesome and the video is so badly done it's good! It just makes your body move and your face turn into one big smiley.

I've also found a good and not-so-known hardcore-type of band, Unexpected Allies. Interesting stuff, they mixing a couple of genres. I wasn't expecting this. Sadly, the only have one song on myspace! Check them out!

Next up, I have a new favorite artists Mt Eden. He has A LOT of good songs, but I've chosen a bit special song. Faded. That man in the beginning is so good. The song just brings a smile to my face.

And so, the last song. House of Cards by Radiohead. Not much to say. Lovely song. Enjoy.

That's it for today folks! See you tomorrow!

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