Saturday, 31 July 2010

Special Saturday 31th July

Hey everyone. So, todays "theme" is songs/bands people have asked or recommended me to put on the blog.

First up is one of my Swedish friends request. He wanted Sigur Rós, so some Sigur Rós it is. They have lots of good, calm songs. Check out their other stuff too, really nice stuff!

Next request is Pendulum. The person in question wanted the song Self vs Self, ft In Flames! I took that and added another song from the newest album Immersion.

Huoratron is some weird Finnish techno-like stuff. But I like it! It might be weird but, it's good! It makes you move and smile.

Last but not least. There was this girl, who asked for The Beatles or The Ramones. But I couldn't decide which one to take from those two, so I took both!

Enjoy, because I sure did!


  1. Sigur Ros o så har int du ens Hoppipolla? :(

  2. thanks for reminding me about sigur ros..nice:) /platinepearl