Friday, 9 July 2010

Some more music

Good morning, it's Friday!

First up we have a Swedish metal band, and their lyrics are influenced by WW2. I didn't know which song to put here, The Final Solution or White Death, so I have both! The vocalist have a interesting voice, but a good one! Not a huge fan of Sabaton, but these songs are good!

I think I'll put in some more Pendulum, just because they're a very good band! I've chosen a older song, but great nonetheless! Bloodsugar, it just has to be one of my favorite Pendulum songs. Just awesome.

We need some more punk-rock, and not that new stuff. We need the real punk-rock, and that's The Clash. Rock the Casbah, is a good song with a nice chorus! Just sing a long, it's summer!

Now, lets cool down a bit. Here I have a legendary band, Led Zeppelin. Since I've Been Loving You. Please bear with me the first 10 seconds, but after that it's pure heaven. Great song by a great band!

Enjoy the music and this lovely Friday!

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