Monday, 5 July 2010

New day, new songs

Good morning everyone, it's 9.53 AM here in Finland and I got some songs for you!

I'll start with a totally new band for me, and that is Anberlin from Florida, USA! The song is called We Owe This To Ourselves, and they released it only a few days ago! It's a good energetic song, and fairly easy to remember and sing along! The intro is also good done, it "pumps" you up for the song! Good video!

Next up is Muse! Personally, I don't like all of their music, but they got some pretty good stuff! This one in particular is from the newest album, The Resistance, and the song with the same name. The vocals in the song are very good done, same with the intro! Sweet stuff, check them out!

Then we have a American metal band called God Forbid. They are highly underrated metal band! The band has a lot of good stuff, but I have chosen War Of Attrition from the newest album Earthblood! Makes you headbang directly from the beginning! Great energetic riffs and vocals.

I think I'm gonna finish every post with a song, that hopefully is a bit relaxing. This time I have the British post-punk Joy Division. A very good band, with great songs. Sadly the vocalist, Ian Curtis, took his life after the third album. They have a lot of good stuff, but I've chosen the classic Love will tear us apart. Great stuff!

I hope you enjoyed it!

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