Saturday, 10 July 2010

Good morning!

Good morning everyone, I'm sitting here with my coffee. I'd thought I'd make a "special post" today. Just relaxing and beautiful songs. I've tried to keep the posts short, so you can make your own view at the songs!

I will start with a Scottish, post-rock/space-rock band called Mogwai. They have a lot of good songs but I've chosen Auto Rock. Awesome.

Next is a dubstep artist from New Zealand, Mt Eden Dubstep. The song is called Escape, the choirs is just heaven.

Then we have a Japanese post-rock band, called Mono. Follow the map is almost hauntingly good. Wow, just wow.

Last we have the legendary Pink Floyd. A masterpiece, Echoes.

I hope you enjoyed it, because I sure did!

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