Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Good morning

Good morning everyone!

I'll start with the Australian drum-and-bass band Pendulum. They released a new single a couple of weeks ago, the song is called Vulture. Quality, as usual. The cool thing about this band is that they actually play live with actual instruments! Great stuff, check them out!

Next up is the American pop-rock band The Gaslight Anthem. To be honest, I've heard about them before but I've never actually listened to a song of theirs. Great Expectations is a good piece of music. Great chorus and Brian Fallon has a good voice. Also, a cool video!

So, last evening when I was walking home from work I needed some music. So I put on some Explosions in the Sky. They're a good post-rock band from Texas, America! The songs that I put on were Your hand in mine and So long, lonesome. Imagine those two songs playing after a long day of work. The sun is going down. Perfect.

That's all for me! Enjoy!

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