Friday, 16 July 2010

Friday 16th July

Good day!

I'll start with a 10 minute long song, Strobe by DeadMau5. It's long, epic and beautiful all in the same package. Amazing, really well done!

Next up is song from a band called All That Remains. The song choice was obvious for me, my favorite Undone. Nice mix of clean vocals and growling, great stuff! Check them out!

Last we have a song by a band called Kings of Leon, and the song is called Milk. A nice, calm song. Also very interesting vocals, but it's nicely done!


P.S Tomorrow it's Saturday, and that means it's "special song day". It's gonna be nice!

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  1. hi was just listening to Strobe with DeadMau5..and it is just cool..i like it a lot. hugzzzz/platinepearl