Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Ah, sometimes it's heaven to be away from work, hehe

I'm gonna start with saying, that I'm not very interested in hardstyle but these guys nailed it. SHOWTEK from the Netherlands. I've heard one song, Electronic Stereo Phonic. Pure and simple hardstyle. Not much to say really, check it out!

Then we have the American indie-rock band The Drums. This song is dedicated, to a special friend of mine. Enjoy! Otherwise, the song is pretty nice and the video is weird and still funny! Gotta love the whistling too. Good stuff, and especially if you need to get in a happy mood!

Next up is a Swedish indie-rock band The Shout Out Louds. The song is called Normandie, and thanks to one of my new best friend(You know who you are) it's one of my new favorite songs. Swedes can actually do both metal and indie-rock. The reason why I don't have it as last song(the chill songs) is because I have another one there.

Now, it's time for the chill/calm/relaxing song and this time I have another pure classic. Bob Marley's No Woman No Cry. There is not much to say, just enjoy this masterpiece and sing along if you can!

That's all for me today, have fun!

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